23 April 2009

I am still here

"After a few years living in Narrabeen, I felt we were on the verge of becoming 'normal Australians'... "

I have been working like crazy lately, and also been on the road alot, so I haven't had much time to blog .... not even to look at my favourite blogs .... I have missed you all.

At the moment, I am at the blue house in the forest. Saying my farewell to it, because its time to move on. I wonder where my adventures will take me next. Feeling a bit sad, but also excited about what might come next.

Driving up here last week, I visited a friend I had not seen for 38 years. She lives in Armidale and I stayed the night there. We talked about old school days in Narrabeen. Rusty memories suddenly became vivid again.

The furniture is all out of the blue forest house now. I am sitting on the floor of the empty house, with the sun streaming in. Tomorrow I am on the road again with Malo and Dog. They are wonderful fellow travellers, both of them.