16 November 2009

Alien food

I found these pictures again yesterday. They are from a few years ago.

They reminded me of the time when Malo told me that he was half-alien. For some months, my little half-alien would only eat mash potato with sauce pictures. I was endlessly peeling and boiling potatoes. Mashed with butter and milk, then got to work with the sauce bottle. There were sauce family portraits, sauce drawings of the moon and the stars, our car, our house, and Malo's name (frequently). But these are the only ones I took photos of.

Anyway, he survived the mono-diet and seems to eat 'normal' food now.


Jane Tara said...

It takes a while to adjust to the human body.

fifi said...

what on earth IS that stuff? mashed potato and sauce, or custard and syrup???

I am sure that aliens would quite like my food, since nobody else does!

Ulrike said...

hello fifi
mash and sauce. I can only say in my defence: least the mash wasn't packet mash!

Hence72 said...

Hi, pleased to meet you

diggin your style

come pay me a visit some time

Anonymous said...

sounds like fifi needs my cooking classes and you need to learn how to be creative with peas bella sorella