23 November 2009

At last

The 2010 calendar is finally ready. The illustrations are a bit of an assortment: a few linocuts, a couple of watercolours, pencil drawings, even a multi-plate etching and a screenprint. here are some images that are a few years old, but I liked them and thought they needed to come out from just sitting in an art folder.
As usual, the calendar is printed on recycled card and is in a CD-style cover that folds out. If you would like one (or more), you let me know via the Edition9 website, or here. If you already have a cover from a previous year, I can send pages only at reduced cost.

Hope you like it!


Jane Tara said...

Can't wait to see it, especially March!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks fabuloso as per usual - look forward to seeing it in the flesh - maybe Saturday night you could bring me some and I am sorry I have been out of contact - slowly re-emerging

Jane Tara said...

Love mine... But need to order some more. Will give them to the kids' teachers for Xmas.

Ulrike said...

Thanks Jane. Can deliver with beer. How many?