27 November 2009

Thank you

Dear readers: thank you for reading my blog this year, and for your kind comments, even though my posts have often been intermittent at best.

I plan to blog much more regularly from now on.

If you would like to win one of two calendars I am giving away free, just let me know in the comments below. I will randomly select the two winners next Friday (4 Dec). Free postage to anywhere in the world included :-)


Jane Tara said...

Me, me, me, pick me... Oh, maybe the postage will be too expensive...

Tongue Trip said...

i dont know how you came upon my blog but im so glad you did because i could have never come across yours otherwise.
youre so gifted and i really wish that may your dream come true and someday, soon, very soon, your postage stamps get the recognition of official Australian postage stamps.
And theres a wish i make for myself too, that may i be lucky to get one of your calendars. :)
cheers! god bless..ta-ta!

olivia said...

I absolutely love your drawings Ulrike, you are so talented. My all time favourite in your pussycat & the moon-I just love that one! All of your artwork takes my imagination on a lovely journey. The lounge chair having a rest on itself is fantastic-it's makes me instantly feel relaxed (which I often need being the highly strung nutbag that I am!!!)
Even if I dont win one of your calendars I will certainly be buying some for my friends & family for Christmas :o) *******

Mary said...

I came to see you to say thank you for buying my work- every sale feels like a validation doesn't it??

Doesn't matter if I don't win - I will buy one anyway!


Ulrike said...

Thanks, Jane, Tongue Trip, Olivia and Mary :-)

Randomly drawn winners were 2 and 3. That means you, Tongue Trip and Olivia!

Please contact me by email to let me know your addresses so I can post your calendars to you. You can find my email address at the bottom of the "About" page on the edition9.com website.


Leenie said...

Thanks for stopping by. I like your art work as well. The watercolor of the cow in the night pasture was especially fun.

Mary said...

Ulrike - so glad you liked the photos -