05 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! (Slightly belatedly.... well..... I'm not exactly known for my punctuality.... )
I have a feeling that it will be a very great year.
Malo and I watched the New Year's fireworks from our balcony. We couldn't see the fireworks cascading from the harbour bridge, because we're too far away, but we had a great view of all the fireworks in the sky.
We had our own little party, we lit lots of sparklers and we drew patterns and words in the air with them, we shared the sounds of celebrations of people in other apartments., and at midnight people yelled 'Happy New Year!" to each other across the buildings. Malo also insisted that we listen to ABBA, so we did.
Dog hid under the bed. He doesn't like fireworks, even if they're far away.


pilgrimchick said...

No fireworks out here--that's the unfortunate result of living in the woods in New Hampshire.

Ulrike said...

Happy new year pilgrimchick!
I think the animals in the woods are probably grateful that you have no fireworks there :-)

Tongue Trip said...

happy new year and thanks. :)
enjoy your blog...and trying to know a little about you and your work through it. :) cheers

Anonymous said...

Marlo is scaring me - Abba? have a safe & happy new year bellarina & bambine

to tongue trip - her work is fabuloso - I have a gallery of it (6 pieces) in my home - totally clever gal

fifi said...


I just wanted to say a HUGE belated thank you for the lovely surprise that arrived in my letterbox. You are such an angel.

It was so wonderful to receive such an unexpected gift, and I am beating myself up for taking so long to thank you for it. I am hopeless with bits of paper, so the intended letter(lost) will have to give way to an email...

thank you!!!!!!


Ulrike said...

My pleasure, fifi. Happy that you like it :-)

I am hopeless with bits of paper too. My desk is almost entirely obscured by the paper mess.