27 April 2010

30 linoprints in 30 days

Am I foolish to set myself this challenge?

Friends who know me well, know that 'time management' is something I find a bit challenging. Doing things to a schedule often just collides with the meanderings of my imagination, where time is elastic and where I discover all sorts of wonderful unexpected things.

Nevertheless, I plan to post a linoprint a day for the next 30 days. Any encouragement will be greatly appreciated :-)


fifi said...

Oh! how lovely, what a great idea!
I spend so much time on my linoprints I would end up doing 30 prints in 30 YEARS...

love them!

Ulrike said...

Thank you fifi!

Bigger linoprints take me forever, too. But these ones are only about 6cm x 9cm, so I can do them reasonably fast.