04 May 2010

Day 8 - May 4th

This afternoon, when I picked Malo up from the school bus, without even saying "Hello", he burst out with, 'Today is International Star Wars Day."

I said, "Errr, hello. And you know, there is an International Day for Children, and an International Day of Peace and an International Day of the Tree and lots of other international days, but I am pretty sure that there is not an International Star Wars Day."

Malo replied, "Yes there is. May the fourth be with you."


Diana said...

I have heard that joke before, but still I loved this story. My son thought the picture was cool.

Jane Tara said...

Brilliant lino cut!

Jennifer said...

I think I know that Malo. Does he, by any chance, juggle ?

Ulrike said...

Hello Jennifer and thank you for visiting my blog. Funnily enough, Malo does juggle!