15 June 2010

Bye bye, big sky

Going to be living closer to the ground very soon. I'll really miss the big sky, but the trade-off will be that I will be closer to the sea.

Which is not bad.

06 June 2010

Invitation - Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, you might like to go to the A3 Show in Northcote, which opens on Friday, 18 June. Both my prints from the Sydney show will be in the Melbourne exhibition. You can also buy prints from all participating artists online ... click here.

04 June 2010

Party People

Sometimes at a party, you see people you haven't seen for years and years. And you might think: "My, how the passing years have been unkind to them."

Of course, you reassure yourself that time been far gentler to the friends you see all the time. They haven't changed much at all.

Of course.