23 August 2010

Book now on sale: "A Cat goes Kayaking"

As some of you may know, the "30 linoprints in 30 days" project on this blog became an exhibition at Sheffer Gallery a few weeks ago.

"A Cat goes Kayaking" is the book based on the exhibition and the blog. It contains all 30 linoprints and all 30 stories.

You can buy it here: www.duck-books.com


fifi said...

I have it! Tis already mine!

Ulrike said...

Now I just have to get your picture to you!

Lachezar said...

This is fantastic, congratulations!
I just placed my order and can't wait to get your book!
I'll appreciate very much if you sign it!
Please send standard mail
I wish you all the best

Ulrike said...

Thank you so much, Lachezar!
Will sign it and post today.

pilgrimchick said...

Cool! Great job.