30 June 2011

Narrabeen Printmakers

Last night was the end of term for the "Narrabeen Printmakers", and we celebrated with a print portfolio exchange.

Everyone did such beautiful prints and it was fun to share them. Now each of us has a folder with a suite of linoprints as a souvenir of a group of lovely artists and a fun term.

We also enjoyed with a glass of wine, some soup and a loaf of warm fresh bread, followed by Tara's delicious chocolate cake. A good way to warm up on a cold evening.

Thank you so much Anne, Richard, Tara and Philippa :-)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little munchkins :)

yvonne said...

oops, meant to put my name on previous comment.

Ulrike said...

Thank you Yvonne :-)

silvia said...

This is so gorgeous. I love this little Maennekens.

Ulrike said...

Thank you so much Silvia :-)